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Land and Spatial Sciences


Department of Land and Spatial Sciences

Department of
Land and Spatial Sciences

The Department of Land and Spatial Sciences is dedicated to advancing the field of spatial sciences by leveraging cutting-edge technology and interdisciplinary approaches. Our department combines a unique blend of expertise from spatial sciences, land administration, geomatics, geography, property studies, and environmental studies to provide students with a comprehensive education and practical skills for diverse careers in the industry.

Graduates of this department can pursue a variety of careers in fields such as construction, mining, land surveying, cartography, urban planning, environmental management, natural resource management and much more. With the growing demand for spatial data analysis in various industries, our graduates with skills in geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, and spatial data analysis are highly sought after.

The Department of Land and Spatial Sciences provides students with both theoretical and hands-on learning experiences, giving them the the knowledge and practical skills necessary to conduct complex spatial analysis and participate in research projects that drive innovation and change in the industry.

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