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Message from the Dean


A career choice may well be one of the most crucial decisions every person has to make. Every young person, particularly those coming from high school, finds themselves in this somewhat unfamiliar decisionmaking space, all too often presenting itself as rather a life-defining dilemma. It is often a series of closed doors beyond which one does not know what awaits, and yet one is compelled to take a chance to open at least one of them to discover and trudge a potentially long and arduous journey. Indeed, a career decision is a difficult decision. I am heartened by your interest in taking the next bold step in your educational and professional journey at our faculty. I am pleased to introduce you to an exciting career gateway, namely the engineering profession, offered by the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment at the Namibia University of Science and Technology.

Ours is a unique faculty that attracts Namibia and the world’s sharpest minds to come as they are and leave the university as the world’s most promising career engineers. Our state-of-the-art facilities, internationally benchmarked curriculum, and internationally acclaimed staff members, offer the ultimate experience in engineering education. We pledge to shape every student into an industry-ready graduate engineer in their  respective field of specialization, ripe for a technologically advanced world. With an emphasis on interdisciplinarity, independent learning ability, innovation, and design, our professional degree programs equip our students to confidently grab their space in an ever-evolving industry and inscribe an indelible contribution to the engineering profession. Our rich alumni network that continues to challenge and dominate the frontiers of industry and commerce is testimony to this assertion. More importantly, our degree programs recognise the reality that the modern engineering professional needs to be multi-skilled, thus earning our graduates the ability to dove-tail into a diverse workplace and maneuver the complexities of modern-day society. In essence, we offer a perfect platform for students to thrive.

The faculty currently consists of 2 schools with four departments, namely:

School of Engineering
Department of Civil, Mining & Process Engineering:
•    Civil Engineering;
•    Mining and Process Engineering.
 Department of Mechanical, Industrial & Electrical Engineering
•    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering;
•    Electrical and Computer Engineering.

School of the Built Environment
Department of Architecture, Planning and Construction:
•    Architecture;
•    Quantity Surveying;
•    Spatial Planning.
 Department of Land and Spatial Sciences:
•    Geo-Spatial Sciences and Technology;
•    Land and Property Science.

Our InSTEM (Introduction to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programme provides students who do not meet our entry criteria to upgrade their STEM competencies to a sufficient level to enter our professional degree programmes. Please feel free to enquire about our InSTEM programme that serves as the bridging programme into our professional undergraduate degree programmes.

As a Faculty, we aim to establish ourselves as the partner of choice for industry, community, government, and academia. We remain mindful of the guiding principle that for any country to develop technologically and economically, there must be a strong link between its industry, government & academic institutions, and society. The COVID-19 pandemic remains a challenge that we continue to grapple with. However, I am glad to inform our prospective students that we have managed to continue to successfully deliver our mandate despite the challenges caused by the pandemic. We have migrated from the face-to-face mode of delivery at every juncture the necessity to do so has arisen. We continue to make frantic efforts to capacitate our teaching staff with the requisite skills to deliver learning content through  multiple teaching modes effectively. Our commitment, despite these challenges, remains to elevate our teaching and research space, allowing for the addition of dry labs and the use of 3D printers across all departments in the faculty.

We pride ourselves as faculty that engages and encourages our students to play a more active role in the leadership and educational success of the faculty. Technology has diminished the effect of geographical distances, and it is in our best interest to produce globally competitive graduates. The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is a reality that we have embraced as a unique opportunity to be welcomed, not a problem to be confronted. We will expand our curricula to incorporate social and emotional learning (SEL) to enhance student intrapersonal, interpersonal, and cognitive competence.

Once again, I wish you well as you navigate the difficult path of making a career choice. I hope to interact with you when you become a part of our modern campus and take up the most productive yet exciting journey of your life.

Prof Harmony Musiyarira
Executive Dean, Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment




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