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Architecture, Planning and Construction


Department of Architecture, Planning and Construction

Department of
Architecture, Planning and Construction

The Department of Architecture, Planning and Construction is a highly interdisciplinary field that offers a range of career opportunities across the spatial science industry. The department is focused on training professionals to meet the challenges of designing innovative, safe, and sustainable spaces, both in urban and rural settings.

Graduates of this department possess skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and technical expertise. They are well-prepared to embark on successful careers in architectural and engineering firms, construction companies, real estate development firms, government agencies, and research institutions. Some examples of specific career paths include architectural design and project management, urban planning and design, environmental planning and sustainable development, construction management and building technology, real estate development and management, historic preservation and conservation. With a strong emphasis on sustainability and the integration of technology into the design process, the Department of Architecture, Planning and Construction prepares students to contribute to the built environment in innovative and impactful ways.

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