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Mr Kaleb Negussie

Public Outreach Coordinator

Phone : +264 61 207 2865
Email :
Office Location : Polyheights, Apartment 105


Ph.D. candidate Georg August University of Göttingen
M.Sc. Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics (HFT Stuttgart)
B.Sc. Environmental and Geographical Sciences (UCT)
B.Sc. Honours Geographical Information Systems (UCT)


Kaleb received a BSc. and BSc. Honours in Environmental and Geographical Sciences and Geographic Information Systems respectively from University of Cape Town, South Africa. He also earned a Master of Science in Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics from Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences in Germany. He joined the Department of Land and Spatial Sciences in 2011 as a lecturer, heading the Geoinformation Technology Section from 2016-2019. He is currently a doctoral candidate at Cartography, GIS and Remote Sensing Department in the Institute of Geography at University of Gottingen.


Professional Affiliation 

  • Member of Geoinformation Society of Namibia
  • Member of Geo-Information Society of South Africa
  • Member of the American Geophysical Union
  • Member of International Association for Landscape Ecology (African Chapter)
  • Member of Committee on Space Research (COSPAR)


Research Focus

  • Water Resource Management,
  • Climate science and disaster risk management
  • Hydrological and Drought modelling.
  • Land Degradation Monitoring
  • Digital Elevation Models


Courses Currently Teaching


  • Geographic Information Systems
  • GIS Programming
  • Land Information System


  • Spatial Data Infrastructure
  • Spatial Databases and Web Mapping
  • GIS Application Development


Community Development Activities

  • City of Windhoek Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (VCA)
  • Revision of Mass Housing Development Program
  • Ministry of Mines and Energy – Rundu Land Degradation Project
  • National Land Cover Classification Standard for Namibia – NSDI - Namibia Statistics Agency



Peer-reviewed articles

  • Wyss, D., Negussie, K., Staacke, A., Karnagel, A., Engelhardt, M., and Kappas, M., (2022). A comparative analysis of MODIS-derived drought indices for Northern and Central Namibia. African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 16 (May), 173–191.
  • Negussie, K.G., Wyss, D., Knox, N., Orti, M.V., Corral-Pazos-de-Provens, E., and Kappas, M., Evaluating SWAT Model for Streamflow Estimation in the Semi-Arid Okavango-Omatako Catchment, Namibia. African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (Under Revision - 2022).
  • Orti, M.V., Negussie, K.G., (2019). Temporal statistical analysis and predictive modelling of drought and flood in Rundu–Namibia. Clim. Dyn
  • Orti, M.V., Negussie, K., Corral-Pazos-de-Provens, E., Höfle, B., Bubenzer, O., (2019). Comparison of Three Algorithms for the Evaluation of TanDEM-X Data for Gully Detection in Krumhuk. MDPI Remote Sens. 11, 1–22.


Non peer-reviewed articles

  • Vallejo Orti, M.; Negussie, K.G. (2019), Gully-affected areas in the Kunene region: looking for suitable locations for future citizen-science project. ILMI Working Paper.
  • Negussie, K. G., (2015). Pothole Detection Using Dense Laser Range Data and Colour Images. HFT Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences. Stuttgart, Germany.
  • Negussie, K. G., Kunwar, U., & Hosta Mella, E. (2014). 3D Face Modelling Using Iterative Closest Point Algorithm with SR 4000 Range Camera. Turkish-German 3D Spatial Information Technologies Conference. Safranbolu, Turkey.
  • Negussie, K G., 2009 Towards applications and setting up of 3D GIS in South Africa. Honours thesis. University of Cape Town.
  • Negussie, K G., 2008 The Suitability of Geographical Information System Software for Crime Mapping and Analysis in the South African


Conference presentations & invited talks

  • Negussie, K.G., Wyss, D., Knox, N., Orti, M.V., Corral-Pazos-de-Provens, E., and Kappas, M., Evaluating SWAT Model for Streamflow Estimation in the Semi-Arid Okavango-Omatako Catchment, Namibia. Living Planet Symposium 2022, European Space Agency, Bonn, Germany
  • Negussie, K.G. (2019). Water Consumption Map of City of Windhoek using Open WebGIS Platform. AGSE 2019 International Conference: Digital Landscapes: Chances for Development, Stuttgart (Germany). Oral Presentation.
  • Negussie, K.G. (2019). Monitoring Catchment Behavior to determine climate change impacts over Okavango-Omatako River Basin, Namibia. Sixth International Soil and Water Assessment Tool, South East and East Asia Conference, Siem Reap (Cambodia). Oral Presentation.




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