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Bachelor of Land Administration Honours
Modes of Study  Part-time
Duration 1 Year
Level Postgraduate
Course Code 08BHLA


The  Bachelor  of  Land  Administration  Honours  is  an  initial  postgraduate  specialisation  degree  that  links  the  undergraduate 
Bachelor degree with studies at level 9. The Bachelor Honours degree builds on the outcomes of a Bachelor degree in the same 
subject area or career‐focused cognate area of learning. The programme aims at consolidating and deepening  the knowledge 
and skills of students in land administration, as well as developing their capacity to conduct research of an applied nature.
Namibia has developed a number of national plans to achieve the goals set in the Namibian Vision 2030. The country has also 
committed to work towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Following Independence a 
number of land recording projects were initiated to provide tenure security, housing and basic services. However, the projects
have largely fallen short of achieving the goals due to slow or poor implementation progress. Achieving national goals as well as 
international commitments calls for enhanced provision of tenure security for further development of the country to avoid civil 
unrest  due  to  unequal  and  unfair  distribution  of  land  rights.  This  calls  for  much  enhanced  programme  implementation  and 
governance  to improve  the  success  rate. It also  requires a  review of current land policies and  that urban land issues are paid
particular  attention.  Those  challenges  are  sought  to  be  addressed  in  the  courses  offered  as  part  of  the  Bachelor  of  Land 
Administration Honours programme.
The elective courses offered as part of the Bachelor of Land Administration Honours programme are highly relevant to the global 
agenda  and  are  closely  linked  to  the  field  of  land  administration.  With  the  above  described  issues  on  weak  programme 
implementation  in  mind  the  Bachelor  of  Land  Administration  Honours  programme  therefore  offers  an  elective  course  on 
advanced project management for students interested in strengthening their skills in project management
The  programme  is  purposefully  designed  to  equip  the  students  with  the  requisite  tools,  subject  methods  and  a  deepened 
theoretical grounding in the theories of land administration. Students will be capacitated to independently identify, formulate, 
and solve complex problems within the subject area and its relevant components.
Overall,  the  programme  places  specific  emphasis  on  the  competencies  and  attributes  that  will  enable  students  to  assume  a 
career path as advisors  for land administration projects, in supervisory/middle management and applied  research positions in 
government (national, regional and local level), and other organisations, including within the SADC region. On completion of this 
programme,  graduates  will  be  able  to  apply  integrated  land  administration  and  management  approaches  in  both  public  and 
private sectors i.e. Ministry of Land Reform, Ministry of Urban and Rural Development and various local government authorities
and NGOs.


Admission Requirements 

To  be  admitted  to  the  Bachelor  of  Land  Administration  Honours  programme  candidates  should  have  a  Bachelor  of  Land 
Administration at NQF level 7, worth at least 360 credits from the Namibia University of Science and Technology. Alternatively, 
candidates should have a Bachelor degree in a cognate area from Namibia University of Science and Technology or from another 
recognised higher learning institution. If admitted such applicants will be required to register for Land Administration Theory and 
Practice (formerly Land Administration) course in addition to courses in the Bachelor of Land Administration Honours curriculum 
in order  to make‐up  for  the deficiency in  their undergraduate programme. Candidates with a  foreign bachelor degree in Land 
Administration or another cognate area may also be considered for admission. All decisions about admission of candidates is at
the discretion of the Head of Department of Land and Spatial Sciences.
At the discretion of the Head of Department of Land and Spatial Sciences candidates can be required to conduct an admission 
assessment prior to the final selection and admission to the programme.


Career Opportunities

Graduates of this programme will be able to find employment opportunities in public sectors such as land administrators (of urban and rural land) land registration officers (of land rights in the different land tenure systems in place in Namibia), property officers, land technicians, social survey clerks, land project administrators, land analysts, land development administrators and advisors in the public sector (national, regional and local level) in the Ministry of Land Reform, Ministry of Urbana and Rural Development, Regional Councils, municipalities and local authorities and in non-governmental organisations. Graduates will also be qualified to serve in a wide range of activities involving land management and administration of a similar nature as in the public sector, additionally be in a position to support large engineering, architecture, conveyancing and town planning companies in Land Administration related activities. Furthermore, successful graduates will be able to lead consultancies in land administration and spatial information, as well as land administration systems change. Due to the multi-disciplinary nature of this programme, this degree presents a gateway to academic careers in land administration and cognate areas for some students, and for others it will facilitate career advancement in their current fields of employment, in either the public or private sector.

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