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Bachelor of Quantity Surveying Honours
Modes of Study  Full-time
Duration 1 Year
Level Postgraduate
Course Code 08BOQH


The Bachelor of Quantity Surveying Honours was developed against this background for students who intend to pursue careers in quantity surveying and related fields. The programme is designed to provide students with comprehensive and systematic knowledge and skills in the field of quantity surveying using the principles, theories and methodologies of the profession. 
Through this programme, students will be able to acquire cognitive/intellectual skills, practical skills and key transferable skills in relation to the various aspects and interdisciplinary nature of quantity surveying at all levels. The programme also intends to provide a diverse range of skills and competencies that are both discipline specific and job related and facilitate the development of generic cognitive and intellectual skills, enabling a graduate to adapt to a continuously changing environment. Additionally, the skills acquired enable students to absorb a wider range of knowledge, adapt to various conditions, and to solve problems creatively and innovatively.


Admission Requirements 

Applicants holding a Bachelor of Quantity Surveying Degree, obtained from the Namibia University of Science and Technology, 
are eligible for admission into the Bachelor of Quantity Surveying Honours programme. Additionally, a candidate must obtain a 
minimum  average  mark  of  60%  for  third‐year  courses,  excluding  institutional  courses.  Candidates  who  do  not  meet  these 
requirements  are  advised  to  gain  a  minimum  of  one‐year  work  experience  in  a  quantity  surveying  consultant  firm  or  an 
equivalent construction related firm in order to develop a portfolio of works, with which they are encouraged to re‐apply in the 
next available academic year.
In  this  case,  admission  will  be  by  means  of  a  selection  interview  with  the  Departmental  Postgraduate  Selection  Committee, 
during  which  candidates  will  be  required  to  present  a  satisfactory  portfolio  of  work,  which  may  include  work  from  previous 
studies or industry work experience.
Applicants holding a Bachelor of Quantity Surveying Degree obtained from any other recognised Tertiary Education Institution, 
at  NQF  Level  7  worth  a  minimum  of  360  credits,  or  equivalent  pre‐NQF  3‐year  qualifications  are  eligible  for  admission. 
Qualifications  from other institutions will  be evaluated  by  the Departmental  Postgraduate Selection Committee  to  determine 
equivalence in terms of core competencies, acceptable to the Department. 

Candidates  who  do  not meet  these  requirements  are  advised  to  gain  a minimum  of  one‐year  work  experience  in  a  quantity 
surveying consultant firm or an equivalent construction related firm in order to develop a portfolio of works, with which they are 
encouraged to re‐apply in the next available academic year. 

In  this  case,  admission  will  be  by  means  of  a  selection  interview  with  the  Departmental  Postgraduate  Selection  Committee, 
during which  candidates will  be  required  to  present a  satisfactory  portfolio  of work, which may  include works  from  previous 
studies  or  industry  work  experience.  The  decision  of  the  Departmental  Postgraduate  Selection  Committee  is  final  and  no 
discussion of the results with the candidates will be entertained. 


Career Opportunities

Career possibilities for graduates completing and leaving the programme at the exit level are bright and diverse as follows: 
Graduates can take up careers in a wide range of areas in the built environment industry. Specifically they have opportunities in professional quantity surveying firms as Quantity Surveyor in Training. They may also seek employment in professional firms for construction management, commercial trading, production of construction materials and equipment or specialize as subcontractors in a building project. Furthermore they may seek employment with local and municipal authorities and Government; Graduates who wish to pursue professional careers as Quantity Surveyors can apply for entry into higher degree programmes in quantity surveying; In addition, graduates of the programme may join academia to impart knowledge and skill and or be involved in research for development.

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