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Bachelor of Property Studies
Modes of Study  Full-time
Duration 4 Years
Level Undergraduate
Course Code 08BOPS


The primary aim of  the Bachelors of Property Studies programme is  to  train and produce graduates employable 
respectively at the technical and professional levels of the property industry. The graduates of the programme will be equipped 
with competencies in advanced property valuation methods,  facilities managerial  skills of buildings and be capable of making 
sound and well‐informed judgments regarding relevant legislation. It focuses on a comprehensive and analytical understanding of 
property valuation, property management, property investment and finance and develops the knowledge and skills to value and 
manage real property.
This  programme also aims at developing capacity and human resource needs of Namibia in the real estate sector to facilitate 
the implementation of the Namibian Land Reform programme. Graduates are employable as property managers and assistant 
valuers in the central and local government property offices and a variety of private businesses.

The  degree  programme  offers  graduates  who  have  successfully  completed  their  Diploma  in  Property  Studies,  or  any  other 
relevant  equivalent  Diploma,  the  opportunity  to  pursue  a  degree  qualification  programme  in  the  property  profession  at  the 
Namibia University of Science and Technology.


Admission Requirements 

Applicants may  be  considered  for  admission  to  the  Bachelor  of  Property  Studies  programme  provided  they meet  the NUST’s 
General Admission Requirements. In addition, candidates must have obtained 30 aggregate points on the evaluation scale over 
the best five (5) subjects.
Applicants must comply with the following additional requirements: 
 Must  have  obtained  an  “E”  in  Mathematics  and  English  Language.  Preference  will  be  given  to  candidates  with  a 
minimum “B” (Ordinary level) or 4 (Higher level) or E (NSSCAS) in the English Language. If a candidate does not have this 
minimum prescribed grade in English, he/she must acquire the competencies within the first year of studies by enrolling 
for the appropriate English communication course at lower levels.
Graduates with the National Diploma qualification in Land Valuation and Estate Management from the Polytechnic of Namibia 
may apply  for “admission with advanced standing” and may be admitted into  the Bachelor of Property Studies programme at 
the discretion of the department. These applicants, if admitted, will qualify to be awarded the Bachelor of Property Studies (NQF 
Level 8) degree after successful completion of the following courses:
*  Principles of Quantity Surveying   
*  Facilities Management and Procurement 
*  Real Estate Market Analysis    
*  Computer Applications to Real Estate 
*  Property Finance and Investment    
*  Advanced Property Finance and Investment 
*  Professional Practice (Property Studies)  
*  Applied Valuation 
*  Research Methodology      
*  Land Administration Theory and Practice 
*  Advanced Project Management    
*  Mini‐thesis 

Graduates in possession of a Diploma qualification in Property Studies (NQF Level 6) from the NUST/Polytechnic of Namibia or 
equivalent  qualification  from  recognised  institutions  may  apply  for  admission  “with  advanced  standing”  into  the  Bachelor  of 
Property  Studies  (NQF  level  8)  programme.  If  successful,  these  applicants  may  be  admitted  into  Year  3  semester  5  of  the 
Bachelor’s programme.  In this regard, acceptance of applicants into the Bachelor’s degree programme would be considered on 
a case by case basis on the recommendation of the Departmental Board in consultation with the Registrar. Courses completed 
under the Diploma qualification will be credited. However, students will be required to complete all outstanding courses as per 
the requirements of the Bachelor’s programme.
NUST  students  pursuing  the Diploma in  Property Studies  (NQF  Level  6), may  be admitted,  upon  transfer application, into  the 
Bachelor  of  Property  Studies  (NQF  Level  8)  programme  provided  that  they  have  obtained  at  least  60%  in  introduction  to 
Valuation (ITV521S) and Building Construction and Services (BCS520S) at the end of Year 1 Semester 2. Courses completed under 
the  Diploma  will  be  credited,  but  students  will  be  required  to  complete  all  outstanding  courses  as  per  the  Curriculum 
requirements of the Bachelor of Property Studies  (NQF level 8) programme. However, acceptance of these applicants into the 
Bachelor’s  degree  programme  would  be  considered  on  a  case  by  case  basis  on  the  recommendation  of  the  Health  of 
Department in consultation with the Registrar. 


Career Opportunities

Property/ facilities manager, property valuer/ assessor, property development manager, housing manager, land and property officer, property investment analyst, land acquisition analyst, property/ estate agent, real estate market analyst, mortgage analyst consultant, etc.

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