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Bachelor of Architecture
Modes of Study  Full-time
Duration 3 Years
Level Undergraduate
Course Code 07BARC


The Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.) is developed for students who intend to pursue careers in architecture and related fields. The programme is designed to provide students with comprehensive and systematic knowledge of the principles, theories and methodologies of the architectural profession. The programme also intends to provide a diverse range of skills and competencies that are both discipline specific and job related and facilitate the development of generic cognitive and intellectual skills, enabling a graduate to adapt to a continuously changing environment. The programme provides for Work Integrated Learning (WIL) during which students are expected to work in industry and build up a portfolio according to criteria set by the Department.


Admission Requirements 

The admission of students  to  the programme is via  three  routes: General Admission by means of a 3‐stage selection process;   
admission via the Mature Age Entry Scheme; and admission with Advanced Standing or Recognition of Prior Learning, as set out 
General Admission

First Stage: 
Candidates are to be assessed on academic merit only. Candidates apply for this stage with their latest Grade 12/NSSC Ordinary
Level  (NSSCO) and/or NSSC Higher Level  (NSSCH)  results and/or  relevant INSTEM  results obtained  from NUST. Candidates are 
required to meet the following minimum academic criteria to be considered:


  • A  minimum  of  12  points  on  the  NUST  Admission  Point  Score  for  English  and  Mathematics  using  a  combination  of NSSCAS/ NSSCH and/or NSSCO, provided that no symbol lower than a “C” on NSSCO will be accepted. 
  • A  minimum  of  18  points  on  the  NUST  Admission  Point  Score  for  any  three  (3)  other  subjects,  excluding  second languages, out of  the  following  (or  their equivalent): Technical Drawing, Physical Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Fine Art, Arts and Crafts, Literature, and Economics, using a combination of NSSCAS/NSSCH and/or NSSCO, provided that no symbol lower than a “C” on NSSCO will be accepted. 
  • INSTEM results will be evaluated on a course‐by‐course basis according to NUST regulations.

Second Stage – Selection Test: 
Candidates  who  meet  the  minimum  academic  requirements  for  admission  will  be  invited  for  a  selection  test  set  by  the 
Department. The selection test will assess candidates in terms of their general knowledge, knowledge of technical and scientific 
principles, free hand and technical drawing skills as well as English language skills. Based on the outcome of the selection test, 
the Department will compile a selection shortlist.
Prior  learning  in  technical/geometrical  drawing  provides  an  extremely  advantageous  foundation  for  students  entering  all 
programmes leading to an architectural qualification. International applicants will be accommodated by distance.
Final Stage – Selection Interview: 
Shortlisted candidates will be invited for selection interviews with the Selection Committee, after which a final selection list and 
ranked waiting list will be compiled. The results of the Selection Process are final, and no discussion or correspondence will be 
entertained.  If  the  final  Grade  12  and  /or  INSTEM  results  of  candidates,  who  were  selected  provisionally,  do  not  meet  the 
minimum requirements, then final admission to the programme will be withheld. International applicants will be accommodated 
by  distance.  The  decision  of  the  Selection  Committee  is  final,  and  no  discussion  of  the  results  with  the  candidates  will  be 
Mature Age Entry Scheme 
Admission into the programme may be considered according to the NUST regulations on the Mature Age Entry Scheme as per 
Part  1  of  the  NUST  Yearbook,  General  Information  and  Regulations.  Candidates  must  adhere  to  regular  NUST  application 
deadlines. In addition to meeting the requirements set out in the NUST regulations, candidates will have to submit a portfolio of 
relevant  work  experience  with  their  application,  which  will  be  evaluated  as  per  requirements  set  out  by  the  Department. 
Candidates whose portfolio meets the expected requirements, will be invited to the selection test as set out in 10.1.2 above and 
will follow the general admissions process from there onwards. International applicants will be accommodated by distance. The 
decision of the Selection Committee is final, and no discussion of the results with the candidates will be entertained.
Admission with Advanced Standing or Recognition of Prior Learning 
For candidates who have partially completed an equivalent qualification at another institution, admission into the programme 
may be considered according to the NUST regulations on Admission with Advanced Standing (evaluation of credits by volume) or 
Recognition of Prior Learning  (evaluation of credits on a course‐by‐course basis) as per Part 1 of  the NUST Yearbook, General 
Information  and  Regulations.  Candidates  must  adhere  to  regular  NUST  application  deadlines.  In  addition  to  meeting  the 
requirements set out in the NUST regulations, candidates will have to submit a portfolio of works of their previous studies with 
their application, which will be evaluated as per requirements set out by the Department. Eligible candidates will be invited for 
an  interview  with  the  Selection  Committee,  including  a  portfolio  review.  International  applicants  will  be  accommodated  by 
distance.  The  decision  of  the  Selection  Committee  is  final,  and  no  discussion  of  the  results  with  the  candidates  will  be 


Career Opportunities

Graduates have opportunities in professional architecture firms as candidate Architectural Technologist. Graduates may also decide to enter into other multi-disciplinary fields such as Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Project Management and Urban Design.

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