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Architecture Building, Floor 1, Room 051

Phillip holds a PhD in Architecture from the University of Westminster, UK and a Master’s of Science in Architecture with distinction from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. He joined the Department of Architecture and Spatial Planning in 2011 as a lecturer. Since 2020 he heads the Department.


  • PhD (Westminster)
  • M.Sc. Arch (TU Delft)
  • B.Sc. Arch (TU Delft)

Professional Affiliation

  • MNCAQS (No 579)
  • MNIA (No 358)

Research Focus Areas

Courses Currently Teaching

  • Architectural Design
  • History and Theory of Architecture and Urbanism
  • Housing and Everyday Life
  • Construction Materials and Technology


  • African Urbanization in Global Perspective
  • Honours Design Project 1
  • Master Design Thesis
  • Critical Urban Theory

Community Development Activities

Selected Publications


Book Chapters

  • Lühl, P., Delgado, G. (2016). A critical analysis of the Mass Housing Programme. In Bankie, B. F., Jauch, H. (Ed.) The Urban Housing Crisis in Namibia: A Youth Perspective (pp. 208-220). Windhoek: National Youth Council of Namibia
  • MSc Graduation design project published in: Kaminer, T., Robles-Duran, M., Sohn, H., & Boyer, M. C. (2010). Urban asymmetries: studies and projects on neoliberal urbanization. Rotterdam, 010 Publishers.

PhD Thesis

Peer-reviewed articles

Non peer-reviewed articles

  • Lühl, P., van Greunen, S., Botha, J. (2017). Windhoek Retro-fit: Re-connecting the Fragmented City. Digest of Namibia Architecture 2017, 92-95
  • Lühl, P. (2017). Re-thinking Housing and Urbanization: Namibia’s Urban Forum 2017. Digest of Namibia Architecture 2017, 29-31
  • Lühl, P. (2014). Die Stadt hält uns gefangen. Über die Notwendigkeit einer Urbanen Revolution. Perspektiven 2014, 105-110
  • Lühl, P. (2013). The Production of Inequality: From Colonial Planning to Neoliberal Urbanization in Windhoek. Digest of Namibia Architecture 2012, 10, 26-30
  • Lühl, P., Delgado, G. (2013). Mass Housing in Namibia - A Chance to transcend the socio-spatial geography of Apartheid. Digest of Namibia Architecture 2013, 11, 16-19

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