Mining and Process Engineering

Mining and Process Engineering is concerned with the safe, economic and environmentally sustainable recovery, processing and marketing of mineral resources from the earth. The Mining and Process Engineering degree programme includes elements from other disciplines including geology, metallurgy, accounting, economics and management.

Message from the HOD

The mining industry is faced with tremendous challenges ranging from technical skills shortage, declining ore grades, water quality and inadequate supply, energy and the ever escalating costs and problems of sustainability amongst others.  Innovation is required to address some of these challenges. The sustainability of the minerals’ industry is heavily reliant on continuous improvements to existing mining operations coupled with building a relevantly specialised human resource base.  Without such improvements or developments, the optimum value from resources may not be realised. It is on the basis of developing a sound and specialised human resource base for the country that the Mining and Process Engineering Department at the Namibia University of Science and Technology was established in 2009. The Department started its journey as a traditional Mining Engineering department initially offered the Bachelor Degree in Mining with two specialisations, namely Mining Production and Mineral Processing. In 2012, Senate approved the revised curriculum which culminated in two separate degree programmes of study: Bachelor of Engineering in Metallurgy and Bachelor of Engineering in Mining. Possibilities for two more new programmes, namely Chemical Engineering and Gemmology, remain high with a needs analysis currently underway.

The Department of Mining and Process Engineering has grown rapidly since its inception within the Namibia University of Science and Technology and therefore the institution’s transformation into the Namibia University of Science and Technology is indeed appreciated. This transformation boosts confidence to root our success realised as a vibrant team of qualified professionals, who are committed to excellence and advancement.

Our passion hinges on cutting edge research in mining operations, mineral processing, hydrometallurgy, coupled with environmental and economic considerations which all positively influenced by the above-mentioned transformation. The Department has succeeded in establishing relations with various leading mining and Process scholars, universities and institutions globally. Emeritus Laureate Professor John Ralston whom we are in partnership with has been providing strategic advice to the Department. The aim is to establish a strong research foundation and set up of a centre of excellence for Minerals Processing for high profile consultations.

We look forward to better years ahead as we continue to fulfill our mandate as a Department in developing and improving the human capital resource base for Namibia and the world. In doing so we are guided by the reality that history always remembers people for two things: the problems they created or the problems they solved.  As a Department we chose to settle for the later. We invite potential students and faculty to consider seriously being a part of this wonderful expedition!

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