About Land & Property Sciences

The Department of Land & Property Sciences contributes to integrated, sustainable land management through excellence in career-oriented, technologically driven education, training, research and service.

To be a Centre of Excellence in sustainable and integrated land management education, research and service.
Scholarships and Student Funding (to be announced)

About Geo-Spatial Sciences & Technology

The main goal of the Geomatics programme is to prepare students for a career as Geomatics Professionals, with high level specialist knowledge and skills in the acquisition, processing, presentation, and management of geospatial data. Graduates from this programme should be employable in environments ranging from traditional cadastral and engineering surveying, to mining surveying, GIS, digital cartography, drafting, land registration, etc. The programme also aims at developing capacity to fulfil the surveying and registration needs for implementation of the Namibian Land Reform Programme.

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