PhD in Spatial Sciences (Property Studies)


An analytical understanding of property valuation, property management, property investment and finance and management of real property.

Admission Requirements: 

Applicants who hold qualifications from recognised institutions at NQF level 9 in Spatial Science related subjects and / or related cognate areas can be considered for admission. Applicants need to provide evidence of having conducted supervised research at Master degree level. In addition, applicants will be requested to attend a pre-selection interview at the discretion of the FNRSS. The applicants may be requested to make up specific deficiencies at the discretion of the Dean, through the respective Head of Departments. Apart from the applicant’s qualification, the admission of an applicant will also depend on the availability of a qualified and competent supervisor for the planned topic and the available staff resources of the affected department(s).

Modes of Study: 
3 Years
Course Code: 
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