Master of Spatial Science


The Masters of Spatial Science programme is of a cross-cutting nature and aims at students appropriately qualified for graduate education to become scientific researchers in various fields of study related to spatial sciences. The programme will create conditions to expand their knowledge on a particular surveying or spatial science for application, research and management purposes. The fields of specialization include Geoinformatics, Urban and regional Sciences, Land and Property Sciences as well as Natural Resource Sciences.   
Students will establish a thorough understanding of applicable methodological approaches and develop proficiency in the application of qualitative and quantitative research methods undertaken in research projects, design and engagement under supervision of knowledgeable staff members under review of the scope of the approved research clusters of the Faculty of Natural Resources and Spatial Sciences.

Admission Requirements: 

Applicants must

Hold a Bachelor of Spatial Science (Honours) qualification from recognized institutions at NQF level 8 in Spatial Science related subjects

Career Possibilities: 
Graduates of the programme will be able to apply broadened, extensive and systematic knowledge, techniques and skills in various areas such as Town and Regional planning, environmental analysis and management, disaster risk management, transportation review and planning, geoinformation technology, surveying or land administration and property studies. Consultants or senior managers in private sectors or take up applied and interdisciplinary research positions in governmental and / or non-governmental organizations where there is an increasing demand for professionals with advanced academic and technical skills in the spatial science area.
Modes of Study: 
Research Based
2 Years
Level of Programme: 
Course Code: 
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