DASP PUBLIC LECTURE: “Post-war housing in Windhoek: Architecture and Society” by Jens Wiedow

Post-war housing in Windhoek: Architecture and Society - Jens Wiedow
Date: Wednesday, 20 April 2022 | Time: 18h00
Jens Wiedow graduated with a Master of Architecture Degree from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa in 2006 before practicing architecture in Cape Town, Berlin and Windhoek. He joined the staff of the Department of Architecture at the Namibian University of Science and Technology in 2012 where he teaches Design Studio and Construction Technology courses. From 2020, he joined the DFG-funded research training programme at the Brandenburgische-Technische University where he is currently working on a dissertation on the post-war architecture of the South-West African Public Works Department. His research focus lies in investigating the intersection between historical buildings, construction methods and processes in the context of colonial architecture.

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