DASP Katrin Vaatz Resource Center now open!

The Department of Architecture and Spatial Planning (DASP) at NUST has reached a milestone in its development, by opening the Katrin Vaatz Resource Centre (KVRC) for students and staff. The resource center has been named after the late Katrin Vaatz when she bequeathed here collection of architectural resources to the Department in 2012. Since then the KVRC has been steadily growing its collection largely through donations, but because of the lack of a dedicated librarian, access to this important resource was intermittent until recently and the security of books and resources could not be comprehensively ensured.
Since the beginning of November 2020, a Senior Library Assistant, Ms Hedwig Khadila, has been recruited from amongst the NUST Main Library staff and is stationed full-time at the KVRC Monday to Fridays, ensuring maximum access and support for students and staff and maintaining and securing the collection. Books and journals are catalogued using the NUST Main Library cataloguing system. Furthermore, the KVRC has a A4/3 full colour scanner / copier available for students and staff to scan resources while we are exploring funding opportunities to procure a full library lending system that would allow the loaning of books and resources.
By this letter I would like to invite all practices in the built-environment field to consider donating relevant resources, including books and journals which you no longer require, to the DASP KVRC. Please send inquiries to Ms Khadila under hshikongo@nust.na and to KVRC Coordinator Ms Jane Gold under jgold@nust.na
We look forward to your response and developing the KVRC into a leading resource centre for built-environment resources in the years to come.

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